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Jody Colinge(멕시코)

Thank God:

ThankGodformynewapartment!ThankGodforReynaand Hectorandmanyfriendswhohelpedmemoveinandgetsettled. Thank God for many provisions—a washer, Wi-Fi that is finally working, and a small pool out back. This is a good central location for walking—to the beach, up in the hills, to the center of Zihuatane- jo, to the stores. I am enjoying exploring the neighborhood.

I just returned from Phoenix, where we had a planning meeting with the Global CHE Network “service team”. Our job is to serve the teams and organizations around the world that are using commu- nity health evangelism as a strategy to reach out to their communi- ties. See

Please be praying:

People from several churches are joining together this weekend for a mini-seminar on Children’s CHE (community health evangelism with children and youths). Pray that out of this we will be able to form one or more training teams who are committed to using CHE to reach out in their neighborhoods. Pray that this will also build unity and a desire to work together among the churches. Pray that the Lord will use this as a tool to penetrate families and communities with the gospel, resulting in lives that are transformed by Christ. Pray for José Luis, Mónica and I who plan to use CHE to share Christ in our own neighborhood.

This is a relatively calm time period for travels, but I better not put away the suitcases. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and direction in sorting between opportunities. Thank God for all he is doing!
Here are some opportunities. Pray that the Lord will provide for each of these, and that He will expand our training team to include others from many countries. Sometimes I am not able to go, but that creates opportunities for others.

Teaching Children’s CHE in a closed country. This looks hard at present. pray that the Lord will provide someone to give the training. Training Zambia trainers—their government is “willing to introduce CHE in all schools and health centers in Zambia” so we are working together to adapt Children’s CHE to their schools. A big opportunity and a big challenge!

Global Children’s Ministry Conference and 1for50 retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have been asked to give some workshops on Chil- dren’sCHE.