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10/8/2023 Announcement

Committee News


  1.  Membership Class:  Oct. 8-29(only Sundays)    New Member Room
    9:10 AM -9:50 AM (Korean Service)  1:30 PM-2:10 PM (English Service)
  1. Wednesday Worship time change: 8:00 PM to 7:00 PM (as of 10/11)
  2.  Please pray for  the Mission Team to Thailand 10/4~19
    In Sook Yoo, Jeannie Lee, Keun Soon Lee, Jonathan Yi
  1. Please pray for the Mission Team to Maasai, Africa  10/21~30
    In Pak, Sara Rim, David Choi, Jennifer Hong
  1. Nomination for KUCP Sponsored Missionaries:
    Application available in the office./Deadline Oct 29





  1. Moses Group Monthly Meeting                                 10.15 (Sunday) 9:10 AM,  Choir room (3rd fl.)
  2. Naomi Group Monthly Meeting                                 10.15 (Sunday) 9:10 AM,  Berea Room
  3. Lydia Group Monthly Meeting                                   10.15 (Sunday) 9:10 AM,  House of Grace
  4. Joshua & Hanna Picnic                                            10.15 (Sunday) 12:00 PM,  Lorimar Park
  5. Esther & Maria Monthly Meeting                              10.15 (Sunday) 11:15 AM,  Hebron Room




* Short term Missions:

Mission to Thailand 10/4~19

Mission to Maasai, Africa 10/21~30

Mission to Dominican Republic 10/28~11/4






*Worship:  To worship as true worshipers

*Member:  Strengthen the saints and heal the sick

*Mission:    Missionary safety and fruitful ministry