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12/31/2023 Announcement

New Year’s Eve Service   12.31 (Today)   11:00 PM  Main Sanctuary


  Committee News


  1. Small group leaders orientation & training
    1.7 (Sunday)  11:10 AM-12:00 PM/ Hebron Room
  1. 2024 calendar are available after service





  1. Session Monthly Meeting 1.7 (Sunday) 1: 30 PM, Emmaus Room
  2. Naomi Group Monthly Meeting      12.31 (Today) 9:15 AM,  Berea Room






*Worship:  To worship as true worshipers

*Member:  Strengthen the saints and heal the sick

*Mission:    Missionary safety and fruitful ministry

*Church:   Senior Pastor’s  family and ministry

*World:      For the stability of Ukrain

For victims  and  families in Maui  Hawaii , Morocco and  Libya

For an end  the war and bring peace between Israel and Hamas