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July 16 Announcement

Session Meeting


Monthly Dept. Head meeting (Today) 11:10 AM/3rd Fl. Choir Room


  Committee News


  1. No Parking in drive way behind the main building from 7/17 (Mon.) to 7/23 (Sun.)
    (New Asphalt Paving in Progress)
  1. Appointed: Praise leader/Han Kyu Kim (Korean Speaking)
    Choir/Kwang Soon Im, Hae Ok Im (1st Service)
  1. Short term mission to Dominican Republic for Haitian refugee
    10/28-11/4   Contact/Mission Dept., Elder Rim (215) 385-0424
    Mission project: Youth school, Education,  Health seminar
  1. Flower Sign up starting until July 30 (Sun.)/$30.
  2. Volunteers needed –
    Food  prep & serve meals. (2nd, English Service)
    Childcare for English Service
    Praise Team  for English Service  (Singers and Instrumentalists)
    Website, Online and A/V tech savvy




  1. Moses Group Monthly Meeting              7.16 (Today) 9:10 AM,  Siloam Room
  2. Naomi Group Monthly Meeting             7.16 (Today) 9:10 AM,  Berea Room
  3. Lydia Group Monthly Meeting               7.16 (Today) 9:10 AM,  House of Grace
  4. Joshua Group Monthly Meeting             7.16 (Today) 11:15 AM, House of Love
  5. Hanna Group Monthly Meeting             7.16 (Today) 11:15 AM,  Emmaus Room
  6. Esther & Maria Monthly Meeting          7.16 (Today) 11:15 AM,  Hebron Room
  7. Kwansa Monthly Meeting                       7.23 (Sun.) 11: 15 AM, House of Love





*Worship:  To worship as true worshipers

*Member:  Strength the saints  and heal the sick

*Mission:    Missionary safety  and fruitful ministry

*Church:   Senior Pastor’s  family and ministry

*World:      For the stability of Ukraine

For  the stabilization the situation in Northeast India