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9/17/2023 Announcement

Committee News


  1. Please do not park on 12th Street.

(Parking for persons with disability parking placards only)

  1. New Asphalt  Paving in Main Parking Lot will begin on 9/18(Mon.)/No parking
  2. Appointed: Deacon Young Kook Kim/  Food & Prep Volunteer Dept.


* Short term Missions:

Mission to Thailand 10/6~20

Mission to Maasai, Africa 10/20~30

Mission to Dominican Republic 10/28~11/4




  1. Moses Group Monthly Meeting             9.17 (Today) 9:10 AM,  Siloam Room
  2. Naomi Group Monthly Meeting             9.17 (Today) 9:10 AM,  Berea Room
  3. Lydia Group Monthly Meeting               9.17 (Today) 9:10 AM,  House of Grace
  4. Joshua Group Monthly Meeting            9.17 (Today) 11:15 AM, House of Love
  5. Hanna Group Monthly Meeting             9.17 (Today) 11:15 AM,  Berea Room
  6. Moses & Lydia Picnic 9.17 (Today) 11:30 AM,  Fort Washington Park  lot#3
  7. Head of Dept. Meeting                          9.24  (Sun.) 11: 15 PM, Old Choir room/3rd fl.
  8. Kwonsa Monthly Meeting 9.24 (Sun.) 11: 15 AM, House of Love
  9. NJ Small Group Meeting 9.24 (Sun.) 5: 00 PM, Harvest House






*Worship:  To worship as true worshipers

*Member:  Strengthen the saints and heal the sick

*Mission:    Missionary safety and fruitful ministry

*Church:   Senior Pastor’s  family and ministry

*World:      For the stability of Ukrain

For  the stabilization of the situation in Northeast India

For victims  and  families in Maui  Hawaii , Morocco and  Libya