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10/29/2023 Announcement

Committee News



  1.  Membership Class:  Oct. 8-29(only Sundays)    New Member Room
    9:10 AM -9:50 AM (Korean Service)  1:30 PM-2:10 PM (English Service)
  1. Session Monthly Meeting                  11.5 (Sunday) 1: 30 PM, Senior Pastor Room
  2. Please pray for the Mission Team to  Maasai, Africa  10/21~30
    In Pak, Sara Rim, David Choi, Jennifer Hong
  1. Please pray for the Mission Team to  Dominican Republic 10/27~11/4
  2. Sun Ok Kim, Eun Sil Kim, Hoson Rim, Rae Na Choi,
    Young Hee Choi, Hwi Sung Choi
  3. Nomination for KUCP Sponsored Missionaries: Deadline Today/apply in the office
  4. Clothing Donation for the South American illegal immigrants (used & new)
    11/15-12/24 (coats, shirts, hats, scarves  etc.)    contact/Mercy Dept., Jin Sook Shin


   Day Light Saving Time Ends 11.5 (Sun.) 2:00  AM→ 1:00 AM





*Worship:  To worship as true worshipers

*Member:  Strengthen the saints and heal the sick

*Mission:    Missionary safety and fruitful ministry

*Church:   Senior Pastor’s  family and ministry

*World:      For the stability of Ukrain

For  the stabilization of the situation in Northeast India

For victims  and  families in Maui  Hawaii , Morocco and  Libya

For an end  the war and bring peace between Israel and Hamas