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12/10/2023 Announcement

Congregation Meeting   12.17 (Sunday) 12:15 PM  Main Santuary

Members Meeting    12.13 (Wednesday) 8:10 PM  Main Santuary



  Committee News


  1. Please update any changed address and phone number. (office)
  2. 2024  Offering envelopes are available downstairs.
  3. Joint Sunday Service will be at 11 AM 12/17
  4. All Family Christmas Sunday Service will be at 11 AM 12/24
  5. 2024 flower sign up after each services.
  6. KUCP Korean School fall semester ending service 12.16 (Sat.) Small Santuary




  1. Deacons meeting                                      12/10 (Sunday) 11:15 AM  Choir room (3rd fl.)
  2. Small group meeting ( New Jersey )         12/17 (Sunday)   4:00 PM     Harvest House
  3. Moses  Group Monthly Meeting                12.17 (Sunday)  1:15  PM    Choir room (3rd fl.)
  4. Lydia  Group Monthly Meeting                  12.17 (Sunday) 1:15  PM    House of Grace
  5. Joshua Group Monthly Meeting                12.17 (Sunday) 1:15  PM    House of Love
  6. Hanna Group Monthly Meeting                 12.17 (Sunday) 1:15  PM    Berea Room
  7. Esther & Maria Monthly Meeting               12.17 (Sunday) 1:15  PM    Hebron Room





*Worship:  To worship as true worshipers

*Member:  Strengthen the saints and heal the sick

*Mission:    Missionary safety and fruitful ministry

*Church:   Senior Pastor’s  family and ministry

*World:      For the stability of Ukrain

For victims  and  families in Maui  Hawaii , Morocco and  Libya

For an end  the war and bring peace between Israel and Hamas